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Question about Classical Conversations Challenge A

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I have a child that will be entering Challenge A in the fall of 2018. It's new to our campus, so all uncharted territory. I have some questions, but would like to ask them anonymously (hence, why I'm asking here, instead of my CC group). 


1- I have read online that some families choose to opt out of Latin. If we choose to do this, how exactly do you opt out? For example, if your Challenge A student is on campus one day a week from 9:00-3:30, how do they omit one subject? I can see how this would be possible if Latin was offered at the very end of the day, then you could just pick your child up early. Which brings me to my next question.....


2- For those who have had a child in Challenge A, or tutored.....what is the 9:00-3:30 on "class day" schedule in your area? I'm hoping someone can give me a break down of how time is spent during that one day a week students spend with their tutor. 


Thank for your time!!!!


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My personal opinion/understanding:


1- very difficult to do, probably would need to speak with your exact Challenge A Tutor/Director about this. No change in price to not do one of the strands.


2- there are 6 strands, each strand is about 55 minutes of actual time. You lose time between changing strands, morning prayer, breaks, etc. our community decided to start early and have a longer lunch break in the middle. This is somewhat community based. But basically 6 hours for school, 30 minutes for lunch.


Many times, for a variety of reasons, the order of the strands can change. Which is why if you don’t want your child to do Latin, you would really need to talk with your tutor about that strand and how it would work. We often did it first or second. Honestly, I would hate to do it last of the day. It takes a lot of ‘brain power’ and I found that in general the kids did not have that kind of concentration at 2:30 in the afternoon.

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I think they used to allow families to opt out of a strand. I've generally heard that it is now discouraged. Your child can basically sit in class and not participate, but it can be a pain for the student (who will be bored) and for the teacher (who has to deal with a bored, non-participating student).


Most challenge campuses start at 9am and run six 55 minute blocks followed by 5 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch until 3:30. The younger kids (pre-k-6th) have a morning assembly with pledges, songs, announcements, and family presentations.


I can answer other questions via pm.

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