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United Streaming: Your favorite videos?


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What are your favorites on United Streaming? We have used it a little but I usually just look up key words and see what is available within the parameters of what we're studying. I know there are certain series available there, but don't know much about them.


So what are your favorites? Any "must sees?"


(my dc are 6th and 4th grades.)



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There are SOOOOOO many videos to choose from. I'm like you- I just type in a keyword and go from there.

I know that they have Magic School Bus f.ex. (I'm not into it, but my dc like it), then there is a really cool series called Planet Earth- I checked out the DVD's not too long ago (from my library), but I saw that United Str. has it, too.

Evidently, there are also some Jane Austen adaptations, but I haven't had time to look for them.

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