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Because we all need a good laugh...

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Oh I just figured maybe people were done with it. It wasn't that great, lol. It's just that my ds has run for years as a stim with his autism, doing laps in my house. And some of that is the autism (darting, not telling you, just bolting and leaving). His gymnastics coach had said he was unusually strong for his size and that he was also a good runner, not endurance but sprinting, and to get him on a track team when he's old enough. And in fact FAST is so the word of the day for my son. He likes to swim FAST, run FAST. And he is, objectively, actually fast!


So I get back this genetic testing where I was looking for morbid things like methylation defects, and low and behold he, drum roll, has sprinter genes! Like for real, he has fast twitch muscle fibers and a gene common to Olympic sprinters. He also has genes for extra muscle strength. 


So literally, it's biological that he has this NEED to go fast, run fast, be fast, and be going and moving and lifting. He was MADE to do that. For him a portion of it is going to be normal and not something we should clinicalize or call ADHD or drug him for. We have a sports training center for athletes, and he's consistently one of the fastest there, even when I put him in with older kids. I was asking him if he'd like to go back, and he's like nah, it's boring. Now it's not true, because he has fun there! But he really does like to go fast and that's just rolling with is body.


Think about that. Label them autism, no you may not run around the house. Label them ADHD, no you may not run around the house. But his genees say he should run.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


I'm really thankful he didn't turn out to have anything nasty in the genetic testing, btw. Like the folate and b12 stuff is in there, but that's manageable. It's just you can find results about alzheimers genes, etc. and he doesn't have them. And he IS a contradiction to work with because he doesn't have the best motor planning (thanks to the autism) and is very immature (thanks to the autism) and needs help to stay regulated (thanks to the autism). But I just thought this piece was way cool, that we could look at the genetics and realize it wasn't our imagination. I keep hauling this kid to all kinds of sports stuff because it just makes him come alive. He has really struggled to stay calm, handle if he was late for the session, make transitions, etc., but it really fits his body. And now I actually have genes explaining WHY it was the right thing to do. 


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He has the need, the need for speed.



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Oh that is WAY too funny!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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