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Dual Enroll Classes on High School Transcript? Help.

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I'm working on finishing my dd's high school transcript so she can apply for a university and a community college.


She is dually enrolled at the community college & completed two classes: 

English 1113 English Composition 1. 

Music 2631 College Choir: Choral ensemble performance.


English is worth 3 credit hours and I'm giving her 1 full credit.


Do I count Music 2631 as 1 credit hour?


And if yes, how does 1 credit hour translate into a high school credit.... .25 credit? .50 credit? 


She attends choir twice weekly for 1 hour classes, then there's two mandatory concerts to perform.  Why would this be listed as only 1 credit hour?



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How many hours a week did it meet? If it met 3+ hours/week, I would count it as a full high school credit. Music classes are notorious for nickel and diming you to death on credit hours, with 1 credit classes that meet 5 hours/week and require significant out of class requirements. If they didn’t, a music major would have a ridiculously high number of credit hours. I had semesters where I easily had 30+ hours a week in required class activities, with half the hours being performance classes, but got only 15 credits for the semester.

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It met twice weekly for 1 hr each class plus the extra practices and two mandatory performance concerts and attended a mandatory band concert to watch. Should I give 1/2 a high school credit?


Awww..ok..that makes perfect sense about all the accumulated hours. Ty for explaining that.

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Each semester-long c.c. class is worth a full high school credit, regardless of how many hours a week it is.


On my children's high school transcripts, I added a "T" next to the credit for each c.c. course, with a legend that said, "T=transferred credit H.S. level or above."

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