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Last night our maltese was sleeping at the foot of our bed. All of a sudden he shot up the head of the bed. He was breathing really fast and shallow, his eyes looked frantic, and he felt really tight and tense.


I held him for 5 to 10 minutes before he settled.


He reminded me of a kid having a night terror, or I wondered if he was having a seizure. Or, maybe a full body cramp?


Has anyone ever experienced this with a dog?


I worked all day so couldn't call the vet.


ETA: As far as I know he's been fine before and since the incident.



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Dogs certainly do dream and I’ve seen a couple of weird episodes similar to what you describe that were apparently dream related or some type of night terror thing. But it could have been a seizure. How old is he?

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Ehhh. I’d assume it was a weird dream thing unless he has another episode. I’m sure not a vet, but I’d be more concerned about it being a seizure if he were younger or older. But again —I’m not a vet, so take that opinion FWIW.

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Our 12-year-old Lab has started doing this - vet did a neuro exam and is concerned in his case that it is possibly a tumor or something else dire - since he is 12 already we are just treating the symptom with Keppra and so far (knock wood) Captain seems better. If your doggie has another episode I'd have the vet check him out.

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