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If you love PLL and ILL- Advanced anywhere?


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I​ love to use Primary (3rd graders) and Intermediate (with my 4th-6th graders) along with a few other programs, but I miss the Poetry/ Dictation/ and variety of "little" compositions that are built into these for older children.  I would love to have something in one little hardback book that is for later middle/ high school that would make a nice addition to our studies, but I haven't seen an "Advanced Language Lessons, by Emma Serl".  Is there anything like this out there -LOL.


​I like The Good and the Beautiful (it does have a variety of lessons, but no dictation), but it is consumable- and I am interested in seeing if there is anything that has a nice variety of LA subtopics within one nice book.  Grammar being included is nice, but I do have that covered with Rod and Staff.  I enjoy having a different feel for each day, as it keeps me from being bored teaching-hahaha.  Math could never bore me, but writing- well......



​I am mainly looking for an addition to my sons MFW AHL year, as it focuses on the argumentative essay (and writing is his weakest area).  I wanted something to give him a daily "little" lesson in writing/ poetry/ dictation.  


​Thank you ladies/gentlemen!



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I'm sure there's something out there to buy.  Heads up for how it might be easy to do that with the MFW AHL program.  You'll get a little unit on poetry with the Psalms study.  cross over Bible and English time.  So you can do more with that as needed.  And for dictation stuff, there is a section of the program with Bible memory verses (optional).  You could dictate those to your son to help him with memory work.   That won't be every day in the whole year, but quite a few days if I recall.

and if I remember correctly, there are little writing assignments you could do from the Notgrass books.  Some are assigned already (or maybe i"m thinking WHL).  There will be some daily "little writing compositions" when you read the Iliad. That's in the daily lesson plans.


none of that is a sweet book ala Serl. :) but wanted to give heads up on some of that.  

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Thank you for the breakdown of writing throughout the program. I am thinking of doing Easy Grammar with him in addition to MFW this year, as I forgot that I already have lol. It has sentence combining and grammar review. Sadly it doesn't have dictation of larger pieces. I could use Psalms and Proverbs for a weekly copywork/ Dictation as this would aid memorizing larger pieces of scripture; and I could let him choose his pieces to study.


I just wish I knew a program like Serls for older children😉


I will be getting my program soon for him, it should be here next Tuesday.ðŸ˜ðŸ˜



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You could look at either of these programs:


Lost Classics Books


If you are not opposed to Catholic sources: Hillside Education created Lingua Mater: Language Lessons from Literature as their own version of a follow-up to the Serl books.


This book is the fourth book down on the list. 


PS I'm not affiliated with this book in any way. It just happens to have as its cover the same painting as I have with my name here.

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