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Everywhere I turn, I hear about the enneagram (friends, podcasts, Instagram, etc)! I've read a bit (not much) and am having a lot of trouble deciding between two types. I suspect I'm one with a strong wing of the other, I just don't know which way around (the two types are 1 and 2). Anyway, I'm curious if anyone here has delved into this and what you think. I know it's not scientific or accepted by mainstream psychology but it seems pretty interesting and insightful. 

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I really like enneagram. I like that it allows room for growth and, as you learn more about yourself, you can detect when you're heading toward unhealthy patterns. I feel I've learned about myself and my marriage. My reactions to things that I never really understood make sense to me now. 


I'd just sit with it for a while and learn more. I think that will help you get clearer on which way you lean. You might also look at the integration and disintegration of the two, as they would move differently. I know some 1's and 2's, and they look really different to me, but I suspect they aren't the wings you're considering. 

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