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Wish us luck!

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So we got through the FIRST Lego League robotics qualifier in December, and we're off to the provincial championship tomorrow with my son's team (which I coach for lack of anyone else).


The top 3 teams (out of 40) go on to compete at the World's Championship (in Detroit this year), so they are pretty pumped! It's their second year and they're probably still too young to perform at that level, but it is nice to have a dream  :)


Video of the robot challenge: to build and program a completely autonomous robot that can achieve all (or most) of the missions. The judging is equally weighted on the robot game, on a science project and Core Values.


Here's an early version of their robot this year...



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Whew! Twelve hours of competition.. still limping a week later! Great experience, and it went the way I'd hoped (growth & improvement and some recognition).


The kids showed that we'd run the teams the RIGHT way this year... they were completely independent, self advocating, having fun, able to persuasively discuss with judges what they'd learned this year, spent weeks memorizing lines for robot design and project presentations. And we tried all new things this year, so they learned a lot  :thumbup:


They wanted to win, but they helped others while they competed. In fact, they insisted on working on the mission that GIVES points to OTHER teams... not many teams did that one (so they didn't benefit from that). They mentored another team this year, and taught programming to an entire grade at their school.

They also managed to double their scores between the qualifier and provincials, which means we have a new goal for next year ;)


They got called back to two out of three judging rooms to present all over again. And they won one of the coveted yellow cups - Gracious Professionalism, the most important core value in the league. For me, that was the one to win!

Oh, and they also talked afterwards what it felt like for the teams that didn't win a cup  :crying:







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