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Wayfarers time req

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If you used wayfarers basically as written how much time did it take daily?


If you know how long it took you and also how long it took your kids including any independent work they would be helpful. I have grammar and logic stage kids (dialectic) no one at rhetoric level yet.

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All Subjects? Just History?

Hmm well I am subbing iew and writing strands for the language arts because they are working well.


And I am still undecided two weeks out whether to do their science or do RSO PHYSICS which I also have.


So all subjects except science and language arts but then we will be subbing something else in for those.


I have a few other things we've been doing that id like to keep going with but feel that I am either going to have to drop part of wayfarers or drop them to fit it all in. I'm leaning towards RSO physics because we loved their chemistry this year.

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We did Geography and history.  She schedules in so much optional stuff.  We did follow her bible reading although I let Bible Gateway read it to us. :)  Geography had mapping(which you had to find the maps yourself), a textbook, and heavy read alouds scheduled.  I chose their readers from the list provided.  And we did their history schedule and read alouds.  


So probably it was 1-1/2 hours/day plus their own readers.  I had to replace some read alouds(already read them or owned a similar book) and slowed down the geography read alouds.


Wayfarers helped me to loosen up about our schedule.  I was a rigid SL box checker. I am using BP this year.  Still haven't found the perfect

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