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College counseling accreditation

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Is there such a thing?  If so, who does it or gives classes on it or whatever?


I'm rather miffed that my school has a college counselor now who has not been up to snuff compared to some of our previous counselors.  There are too many seniors - often first gen seniors - who really have not been advised well.  Today I was discussing one of them with a co-worker in the guidance department and made an offhand remark at how I should volunteer my time next summer/fall to offer college counseling.  She thought it would be an awesome idea - as did some others who overheard.


BUT, my knowledge is limited to having learned to be one for my own three guys, then what I glean on here and gleaned in the past on College Confidential.  While I feel more educated than the person advising them now, I feel like there's probably more I should know - even if volunteering.


It'd be a job I'd love - and it would still allow me to snowbird as I'd only volunteer until we went south, then I'd be back in the spring to see results (though I expect I'd know many results already due to kids sending me emails, etc).


I'm really, really pissed about the seniors who have been advised so badly.  (sigh)  Some of them were "my" kids - I had them during a long term subbing job I took and got more attached than I do to some others.  I had been thinking they were just slacking until I had some in depth talks today.  Not so.  Bad advice (or no advice).  One lad - very smart lad, but with parents who haven't been to college, etc - told me I'm the first one to explain an EFC to him.   :banghead:   He had no idea what it is and how to use that info selecting colleges considering his family can't afford much.  He'll be figuring it out tonight and getting back in touch with me, but this is already mid JANUARY so he may need to take a gap year to get into a decent need based aid school (if need based aid can work for him).

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Most just have NACAC membership. There is also


On the west coast, UCLA certification is pretty common


Out of curiosity, what if I were to do things privately and not through my school?  It could still be pro bono if I wanted it to be.


I looked up NACAC and I'm not even sure which membership I'd be under with a brief look.  I work at our high school.  Is that a member organization?  I'm not retired.  I'm not a student.  I've figured those out at least!

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I don't know how it all works. There is another organization for independent educational consultants if that applies to you.

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Thanks Janet.  I'm at school again tomorrow as we're running our Keystone testing, but if I get a chance, I think I'll just run the idea past admin and see what they want or if it's even possible.  I have no idea how long of a contract they have with the current person.  Going through school would give me access to student data allowing me to check with students to see if college is on their horizon and if they want more info.  Staying private I wouldn't have that access.  I'd also be able to talk with 9th and 10th graders who seem to be likely college candidates rather than just waiting for juniors or seniors to maybe seek me out.


I guess I was just brainstorming the private arena in case I couldn't go through school for some reason or another.


The person they have in now is just really reminding me of my lad's horrid med school advisers at his college - such bad info and so potentially life changing and/or costly.  I hate seeing it happen to anyone's lad or lass.

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