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Sonlight users - advice or experience, history d+e multiple ages

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We used Sonlight Science for my ds9 in 4th and will be using F for 5th. He likes the variety of books and often reads ahead. My question is can I use Hist/Lit D+E for him and my ds7 and ds6? We haven't ever tried a subject as a group. I primarily focus on the 3 R's for my younger two, I just would like to expose them to more, not for mastery. Will the read alouds be over their heads? Ds9 has done SOTW for the last 3 yrs independently, so it would be a different approach for us. And are there activity pages/questions for history and lit? I have a separate grammar curriculum.

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We have used Sonlight all the way through. That core is for kids nine through 12.

I personally think their age range is spot on and would not ever recommend using it below the recommended age.


So no, I would not recommend using that with your younger kids. It's too old for them.

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Honestly, I wouldn't even use the separate Level D HBL (History-Bible-Literature) package with 6 and 7 year-olds. Sonlight tends to push the envelope just a bit with regard to emotional maturity needed for the content as well as length. I too found their recommended ages spot on. D+E is recommended for ages 9-12, and D is recommended for 8-11. I combined both of my kids and I found that it was usually just right for my oldest (in the middle to upper end of their ranges), and usually a good fit but sometimes a bit rough for my youngest (who was always at the young end of their recommendations). 


I'd want more picture books and fun for 6 & 7 yo's.


Also, I wasn't sure if I read your post correctly, that your oldest would do Core F (maybe just the lit?) along with D+E? I'd stick with just one core, unless you are just making F optional lit or something. (Even then, I think I'd pull from the Grade 4 Readers instead--they don't correlate with any HBL package, leaving you free to use F in the future, and they are more "fun" reading. The F readers are really good, but they are going to be meatier and you'll want to discuss more. They really do go well with the full HBL package.)

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Why rush? My DD is in 5th next year and we are doing C this year and will be doing D next year. I'm excited about really diving into US History for two years and, considering the content, taking our time.  


And yes, definitely NOT for the 6-7 year old.  :)  



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