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Illustrated book of.....

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Does any one know of an Illustrated book of literary devices? Or a book that has an explanation of literary devices in picture book format. I can find books for teaching literary devices using picture books but I'd like one with examples in the text and for it to be visually appealing. Not black and white text. Thanks!

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Not that I have found, but there are bulletin board sets/posters that illustrate literary devices.  I have several.  


This has literary elements like plot and setting: Creative Teaching Press Mini Bulletin Board Set, Literary Elements


This has simile and hyperbole and such:  Eureka Figurative Language Bulletin Board Set, McDonald Publishing Figurative Language Teaching Poster Set,... there are quite a few.


You can also get picture books on specific things like similes and metaphors.


Actually, now that I think about it, this is probably pretty close to being a picture book with a lot of literary devices:  McDonald Publishing Figurative Language and Elements of Literature, Tear-Offs.

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We've checked some out from our library ...  There's a series by Brain Cleary and another series by Nancy Loewen.  Here are links to their books on similes:

one by Brian Cleary

one by Nancy Loewen


Maybe Amazon can suggest some from those books?

Or search your library's catalog under the literary device you want.  I just found this book by searching our card catalog for Onomatopoeia.


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