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Online math suggestions for Algebra on up?

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Hi! I have a 6th grader who just finished up the Counting & Probability & Math Counts “prep†class from Art of Problem solving. He has completed (with book but not online class) first half of the Art of Problem solving Algebra book. I was planning to role right into their Algebra 1B, but...


My son is great at math but doesn’t love the Art of Problem solving format.


I am looking for suggestions. We did Saxon algebra one last year, and half of the Jacobs algebra book before he told me that he detests Jacobs. That’s when I decided to take a detour to some fun types of math with art of problem-solving, but now we want to get algebra one finished up so we can move on.


I’d love a work at your own pace option, with somebody besides me doing the teaching & grading - he is my oldest of five, and I am trying to outsource some!


From looking through the forms I have down Derek Owens to research, any other ideas or thoughts on courses you have used and loved? He’s an analytical kid who catches on quick, and I would love to find him a teacher who inspires through their obvious passion for math. :)



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Based on your description, Derek Owens math may be your best bet.


You've previously used 2 very different programs. Saxon is very weak, while AOPS is one of the most rigorous and hardest programs. (Jacobs is in the direction of AOPS, but not as 'meaty' or thorough.)


Derek Owens Algebra 1 is based on the Dolciani textbook, which is a good sign, as this is a reputable textbook. (But you are probably looking for Algebra 2.)


Besides AOPS and Derek Owens, other choices are Stanford EPGY and imacs. Stanford EPGY may be good (but we have not tried the higher level classes). imacs looks drier and with more repitition than AOPS. IIRC, both are expensive.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I haven’t heard of iMac and I had forgotten about the Stanford classes - I will give them a look, it is nice to have options! The art of problem-solving courses are very popular on this message board, and I know they are good, but just not gelling right for us at this time!

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Another pricey, but hands off, class would be through CTY online.

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