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Flylady support thread for January 11 (Baby Step #11)...

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Good morning Flyminds! 


Welcome to the Flylady support thread. To find out what Flylady is: You can also find people on YouTube if you search for it.


We have completed the baby steps found here: http://forums.welltr...nday-october-1/

We have also completed a Building a Control Journal series found here: http://forums.welltr...-16-tue-oct-24/

If you would like to share your small accomplishments on instagram, please do so at #wtmflylady


Flylady Babysteps:

Day 1 - Shine your kitchen sink!! 

Day 2 - Dress to shoes! 

Day 3 - Exploring the Flylady’s website!

Day 4 - Write things down! 

Day 5 - Write down what you hear

Day 6 - Hot spots!! 

Day 7 - Pick out your clothes 

Day 8 - Get a ring binder and put paper in it 

Day 9 - Declutter a few minutes at a time 

Day 10 - You can do anything in 15 minutes!! 

Day 11 - Add an inspiration page to the control journal

Today we need to create a page that will be uplifting to us when we are having doubts about doing things. Fill it full of inspirational quotes, photos or meme’s.

Morning Routine

Get up and get dressed to lace up shoes; fixing your hair and face

Looking at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom

Going to Big Tent and reading messages

Recognizing the negative voices and changing them; YOU ARE FLYing NOW!

Put out your Hot Spots for 2 minutes

5 Minute Room Rescue (pick any room in the house) set your timer and go!

15 Minutes Decluttering each day. You can’t Organize Clutter!

Before Bed Routine

Keep your sink shining

Lay out your clothes for tomorrow

Put out your Hot Spot (I have to do this twice a day) It makes me smile in the morning!

Need more inspiration?


An overview of the whole 31 days.


Advanced Flylady: 

This week the Flylady is focused on Zone 2 - The Kitchen


Thursday - Errand Day!

Thursday at FlyLady is Errand Day. We use this day to get out and run whatever errands we need to do for the week. Make a list of wherever you need to go and whatever you need to do during the day today and then get to it. This can include:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Doctor appointments

  • Dentist appointments

  • School shopping

  • Dropping the clothes off at the cleaner

And tons of other things. If it needs to be done outside the house, today is the day to do it. Make a list of these things and check them off as you do them.

Today's Mission (We only have missions Monday through Friday)Your mission for today is to set your timer, grab a trash bag and throw open the door to fling out the science projects, holiday leftovers and don't forget to check out the vegetable/fruit drawer.  I am usually guaranteed a piece of fruit with a little fuzz on it that needs to be tossed!
Fly Kids Mission (We only have missions Monday through Friday): Today we are going to declutter the tops of our dressers. You know how we can just pile things on our dressers and they start to get cluttered and messy? Today we are going to fix that! Let's set a timer for 10 minutes and see what we can get done! If you have things that need to be put away, put them away, if you have things that need to be thrown away - throw them away! I bet all of you can do this really fast, I think that all of you will be able to do this in less than 10 minutes!
If you are new to Flylady, please join at any time. There is no better time then now to learn to keep your house clean the easy way! 

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Okay I have been out of it for the last few days. It seems I am not alone either. So I am drawing a line under the last couple days and going to start today on the right foot! 


I woke up not feeling great but that could have been because I slept on the couch as DH is now coming down with something that sounds like it is different then what the boys have. However I feel better right now so lets see what I can get done! If I can turn today into Tuesday (sans swim class) I will call it a good day! 


  • 30 minutes in the Zone Did 1 hour to catch up a bit. 
  • laundry
  • laundry
  • put away laundry in the dryer
  • hot spot for 5 minutes
  • what's for dinner
  • breakfast
  • lunch 
  • snack
  • 30 minutes of work on computer
  • call about getting credit for CPR coarse
  • educate YDS  Decided to do another rest day for him. 
  • educate ODS Though I am trying to get him to do another day of work so he will not have to do it over the weekend
  • update blog
  • 30 minutes pamper time (cutting out fabric)Turned into about 3 hours. But I got all of it cut out so now I can have fun and put it back together again. ;)

I think that is good for today. Lets see if I can rock this day!

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I didn't do much yesterday. I did get laundry done though.


Finish zone cleaning:

--wipe out bottom of dishwasher

--straighten pantry - toss old food


Daily cleaning:

--Clean laundry room

--Hall bathroom tidy

--sweep foyer steps and downstairs hall



--Volunteer day at thrift store, 2 hours

--Grocery store run for dinner meat

--Lunch with dd

--Back exercises from chiropractor

--Continue to dismantle Lego structures


--Dinner is cherry balsamic pork, thyme-roasted potatoes, broccoli


ETA: Two items in bold may have to wait until tomorrow. I had a busy day ending in my chiropractic visit and I'm a little sore from the manipulation. Or, better yet, I'll ask DH to sweep the foyers steps and downstairs hall. He doesn't mind that chore and I bet he'd be happy to help me. I'll work on the Lego structures tomorrow.

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I'm still here but way off track, I'm finally feeling close to human again but I think I'll need to restart the baby steps at some point. Today's schedule:


Sink shined

Dressed to socks

Meds taken

Cats taken car of

Load of laundry going

Checkbook balanced/ bill paid

Read email

Doing co op registration and registering for co op

Dinner:tbd probably BBQ chicken

Lunch: tbd

Breakfast: cereal or pancakes

Will try to work on a hotspot

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Yikes! I haven't cleaned out my pantry in a long time. I had food and tea from as far back as 2014. So now my pantry is a bit bare but that's okay. I really only tossed items we weren't using which is why they got so old, so I don't need to replace them.

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That is scary when you realize that you need to go through things. We have a day of reckoning with our deep freezer soon. I am not looking forward to that. We think about tossing things every year but this is the year we have to do it. We will do it when we defrost the freezer. 

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Thanks for this! I haven’t been on this forum in a while, but I saw this today and cleaned out under my kitchen sink and the cleaning supplies shelf for a 15-minute declutter. I’ve been putting it off so long, but it took no time at all! I had a whole kitchen trash bag full of empty bottles and products I never liked.



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I washed the inside windows pf the house and got DS14 to wash the outside. Rearranged some of the lounge room furniture and found a stack of paper on the very top of the almost to the ceiling bookshelf that have now been sorted through, filed or thrown out.


 I forgot we were meant to be concentrating on the kitchen. Will try to focus on Kitchen today

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I'm (sort of) trying to do this but life is so busy right now. So I'm sort of following along. But I think I have to do the steps at half-pace.



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I'm trying to follow along, but right now I'm just impressed to have a clean sink each night when I go to bed. I don't count getting dressed, I do that automatically. :)

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