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I’ve been concerned about DD10’s sensory and plannning issues since she was 6 and noticing issues since age 2. The last OT eval got blown off because my insurance wouldn’t cover anything. She recently received speech therapy through a different rehab and before she was discharged from speech I asked her therapist to request an OT eval so we could get it through the same rehab as speech.


Hallelujah, the OT saw enough to pursue therapy. She says she has several areas of strengths, even above average areas, but they are compensating for some big weaknesses. She timed her handwriting speed at 4 words per minute. We are going to be getting a sensory diet too. Therapy 2x per week and they even said there is a chance insurance will cover all of it and not just the 30 visits a year.


The OT was involved with the school systems so at the first appointment I need to start asking about what needs to be done to look forward to accommodations in testing/college.



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