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Mr D Math users....I have a question

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Do you allow your kids to take and retake the tests until they are happy with the grade?  Or do you allow them only one shot?




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We use it through our co-op (we are on our third year of Mr. D math).  I let my son take the test one time (disclosure:  math is this child's best subject and he does well on the tests).  I know that when I have spoken to Mr. D personally at our co-op (he drops in when he is in town) he has specifically said that he feels it is ok to take the tests more than once if you aren't happy with a grade or if you think your child needs to go back and re-take it after reviewing problem areas.  Given that, if my son were unhappy with a test grade I would probably let him retake it.


FWIW, my other son goes to a brick and mortar high school and they are allowed to do corrections on math tests - they can get half credit back for corrections (although they are required to show the new work and explain where they made their mistake).  They aren't allowed to do that for any of the other subjects, just math.

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I have my dd correct tests and give extra points to the original grade after doing so. Not as in a perfect 100 percent score because it is right, but a general few points added to the grade for doing so. 


Last year in Algebra I, she had some chapters where she had trouble. I ended up on those chapter going back over the whole chapter, then retaking the test as a whole while we were getting the whole high school math figured out. We were using a textbook. With Mr. D's this year she is doing really well, and doing corrections for a few extra points is working out for us. I think I will be sticking with it for next year. 

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