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Best add on Resources for Human Anatomy Study

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What resources do you recommend for anatomy for middle grades/early logic stage?  We have books, looking for add ons, such as apps, coloring book, models, etc.

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Guest Hollow has several levels of Anatomy. You could look at what she schedules in and see what appeals to your child.



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There are a lot 3D apps for human body, but almost none are free.


If you have a human skeleton model, that would help. Or building a chicken skeleton using chicken bones, if you can get a complete chicken.

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Blood and Guts (gr. 3-8) has suggestions for activities and projects

Janice VanCleeave's Human Body for Every Kid (gr. 4-8) has numerous activities and projects

The Body Book (gr. 3-6) has easy to make models for hands-on understanding

Skills for Success: Human Body (gr. 4-6) has activities, experiments and hands-on ideas

The Human Body Placemat is a handy visual of the different body systems

Dover: Human Anatomy, or, Start Exploring: Gray's Anatomy are coloring books that would work for your age range

SmartLab Toys: Squishy Human Body or Totally Squishy From Head-to-Toe (gr. 3-8) are hands-on models

Visible Man and/or Visible Woman are hands-on models that have been around for years


How the Human Body Works: A Resource for Curious Kids is a webpage from Only Healthy with a big list of clickable links to free web resources for anatomy and the human body for students and teachers

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