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French online similar to homeschoolspanish acadmey??

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Does anyone have suggestions of a program for French similar to homeschool spanish academy online?  I like the interactive live teacher who is a native speaker for HSA.  Have you used any online programs you could recommend for French that are similar?  I want to make sure they are "safe" and have good instruction.  Thanks.

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I see from your signature that you are using Language City for French. Can you tell us a little about the class? How many students? How interactive? Thanks!

Sacha (age 8) was in French 1, but I didn't sign up for second semester -- not because of the class, but because my son is simply hopeless about learning languages. He just could care less, and I'm tired of paying for it.


The teacher is great, the class size is small, he is a native speaker, and the interaction is good. I definitely recommend them for a kid who actually wants to learn a language.

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