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Recommendation for a classic King Arthur legend book

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I'm looking for recommendations for a few books for my high schooler on the legend of King Arthur. We're looking for ones that keep mainly to the classic account, so I'm not opposed to reading newer books; we're just not interested in the titles that make the story "hip." 

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If you want to read from earlier sources of the tales, translations of Chretien de Troyes’ works are very readable.


You could do just parts of Le Morte de Artur. The whole thing is very long.


I recommend including Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.


Once and Future King is wonderful, but definitely a twentieth century take on the legends.


I would highly recommend the course on King Arthur from the Great Courses. You can get it for $15 by subscribing to Audible, or for free if you just do their free trial. Even if you don’t have your student listen to all of it, I found it very interesting. The professor is engaging, and you will learn about all the iterations from the earliest literature, plus much more.

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I did this with my oldest daughter when she was a freshman! And we used the Great Courses videos which Penelope mentioned. I agree with all her suggestions.


Idylls of the King by Tennyson is not an easy read but it is interesting as it is a very different presentation of the story.


Stephen Lawhead is a Christian writer and he has a great Arthurian legend 4 book set - the Pendragon Cycle. 



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The Once and Future King is very good.  


It might not be hip now but it's definitely roaring-20s hip. Very 20th century with political lectures to boot.


I loved it!

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