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Horizon Math K

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We used Horizons Math K years ago (maybe 6?) and it was not a good fit for my child at the time. It jumped around way too much for us.


Do you have specific questions about it?  Not sure I can help, but I'll try. :)

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Do you feel the teachers guide is a must have for the kindergarten books?


Money is really tight and I don't want to waste it if I don't have too.

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I do not have the teachers guide and I really don't need it. I did not get the teachers guides until 3rd or 4th grade with my older two and barely used them.  In the later grades it helped with checking answers.


However, I do add in my own little games and manipulatives to go along with the lessons or in addition to the lessons a few days per week.

For instance we count with a number chart and then do count by 10's and now 5's, we will add skip counting by 2's soon.  We also have number flash cards ( you can easily make your own) and we have counting bears so we will pull out random numbers and then have to put the number of bears on in or vice versus.  Or we have to lay the cards out in correct order.  We use real money to help with counting.  I plan to get some number rods or similar.  And so on..




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