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abeka phonics

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I used abeka for phonics for my 1st grader and it has been wonderful.  I didn't use it for him in K, but I wish I had.  I will have a K kid next year and I am planning on using abeka phonics for him.  I notice they have learning games and things like that.  What all do you recommend buying if you used Abeka?  I thought of just getting the complete parent and child kit, but it includes math and I wasn't planning on using Abeka for math.  Should I think about it? 

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If you already know how the Abeka reading program works, I would assume you do as you just did first grade, I would not get everything just to use their phonics. I think all you would need is Letters and sounds K5, my blend and word book, basic phonics readers, basic phonics flashcards. You could get the curriculum manual if you want it tied together for you and just follow the phonics plans. Or you can follow the workbook and use the cards and blend book to teach and review whatever comes up in the workbook. Read through the readers as your child is able to decode the words and don't be afraid to have him her read a story multiple times. It is great fluency practice.

I like the math and am using it for k and 1 this year. I plan to use it k-6 or 7. If you just want to follow someone's plan Abeka is a good one...just don't feel like you HAVE to do every worksheet, warm-up, drill...we homeschool so we can teach to our child. Make sure to to just what your child needs. Also you can often find abeka used from eBay, home educators resource, and homeschool classifieds. Good lick and God bless!


Eta if you want to do Abeka handwriting I have found the writing with phonics book to be enough.

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