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Prayer request / foster baby UPDATE 2 in 41


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We've had a medically fragile foster infant with multiple health issues here with us for a while. This week the court might decide to terminate parental rights.  At that point the judge will have to decide whether the baby can be adopted by us or go live with a half sibling (who we've never met and whose adoptive family lives in a different state).  We would rather adopt this baby ourselves.


Having said that, please pray:

  • That if the sibling's family can't handle the medical issues they were just informed of they back out now rather than stringing this out into a long legal battle.
  • That the judge makes the best decision for this child.
  • That our family be at peace with whatever decision is made, even if it is us losing this baby that we've all come to love.
  • That if the judge decides that we are the best placement for the baby that the sibling's family be open to developing a relationship anyway.


And if you don't mind a completely selfish prayer, pray we get to keep this baby ourselves.



Thank you.



UPDATE: TPR has been scheduled, and the process has begun to select an adoptive family.

UPDATE 2: in 41

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Thinking of you, and sending love, one foster family to another. Having been there, I hope that the birth family sees their limitations and recognizes that the time to act in love is now. I hope they are open to forming a wonderful, supportive open relationship with you, as the parents of this baby. I hope the judge doesn’t have to decide more than, “yes, this is a great placement†because the birth family makes the choice. And I hope your family grows, not just by a baby, but by the addition of extended, supportive birth relatives, if you’re all open to it and it’s best for the baby.


Pulling for you!


Whatever happens, I wish you peace.

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Hopefully they will decide what is best for the baby.  It could well be that the other family is not able to take on a special needs child.

If you are able to adopt the baby, please try to get contact information for the adoptive family of the 1/2 sibling and make/keep contact as appropriate.  

My son has 7 siblings that he now has contact with but for many years, there was no contact with some of them and he missed out on that.

My girls have 6 other siblings, 4 we found now as young adults, 1 deceased as a young adult, and 1 that we still haven't located.  Finding their siblings has been a huge deal for them.  I wish we could have done this more/sooner, etc. but it took us almost 20 years of searching to locate them.

Even with 1/2 siblings there is a biological bond there and while in the cases of all 3 of my kids it was in their (and their siblings) best interest to not all be adopted together, it is a very positive thing that they have contact now.

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Um, well we spoke to the half sibling's adoptive parents and they want us to adopt.  However, there's now been another huge complication so everything is up in the air.  Please continue praying for us through the weekend and next week.



ETA:  I don't really know if we would be selected first had they decided to fight us.  It would go to a board to decide, and the law says to give weight to the half sibling relationship but also ONLY if it's in the best interest of the child.

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