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Best app for solving algebra problems?

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I have seen many students use Mathway. I will caution you that most do not use it appropriately -- they simply type the problem in and copy down the answers. As a result, they get the problem correct on the homework but are unable to perform on the tests. I would suggest that if you use an app, you use it to give hints to the student rather than simply explaining the answer. 


I would rather see a tutor or see you buy a cheap algebra book -- Lial's or other developmental college class textbooks are VERY cheap on amazon, and if you got beginning/intermediate algebra combo edition you'd be able to look up pretty much any type of problem in the index. 

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My son was in public school last year. I found cymath helpful. It’s free in the App Store. It was helpful for me as the parent to see the steps & know we were doing it right. There’s also photomath and yhomework that we’ve used. I’m sure there are many other apps, websites, YouTube, Khan Academy etc. I had to utilize it all because I’d have to learn what my son was being taught just so I could explain it to him. And my son was only in advanced math for 7th grade! lol. And we had a tutor once a week too! So much homework... It was crazy.

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