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Hi from Yorkshire

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My wife and I live in Yorkshire and have always known we would home educate our kid(s). We don't actually have any kids yet, but we are planning on changing that small detail! We figure there's no harm in starting to plan and prepare as early as possible, especially as neither of us had a classical education growing up. We're at the stage where we are reading as much as we can about the tenets of classical education, less from a curriculum and "nuts and bolts" angle (although that too) and more from a broad sweep of history angle. For example, I have just finished reading Castle's Ancient Education and Today. 


Firstly, what other books have people enjoyed reading that cover the history and/or theory behind a classical education? Or, what books can people recommend that cover the failings of modern education, possibly from a classical education viewpoint (I've read works by John Taylor Gatto and The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom, both of which I have enjoyed). 


Secondly, is anyone on here from Yorkshire? Possibly a long shot but thought I would ask! There is a home education group on Facebook for my area, but apparently we have to have a child in order to join (one of their admins told me so in a frank and quite rude manner). So much for wanting to be prepared! I doubt (m)any of them are friends to classical education anyhow, at least based on the one book recommendation I was able to get from them. Perhaps it's no great loss that I wasn't able to join their illustrious group. 


Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from a few people in due course! 

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Welcome. I'm in Scotland, but my children are pretty much grown now. There are a few others from or in Britain here.


I recommend reading The Well Trained Mind by the sponsor of these boards:

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My kids are older also but I am from the right area. Feel free to pm me with questions. Like Laura I recommend getting a copy of The Well Trained Mind to read. It really is the best book out there for home education with enough practical information so you can plan.


Eta....I missed the part about already having TWTM. Glad you are finding it helpful.

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