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I probably saw my grandfather for the last time today


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I’m sorry.


Consider going back to the house and taking pictures of every room from different angles. Especially your grandfather’s “spotâ€.

I took a bunch of pictures. I think that’s why the smell was such a big deal. You can’t take a picture of a smell. (If someone figured out how to do that, they’d be a millionaire)


Then I started crying and had to talk myself out of it so I would stop plugging up my nose!

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:grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:


Could you perhaps ask for something fabric from the house, perhaps one of his shirts or a blanket?  Keep it where it won't get dirty enough to require washing, and you can wrap yourself in it from time to time when you need that little boost.


I'm glad you got to see him one last time.  

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I may have seen my grandmother for the last time too last week. She is 93 and several states away. She is doing okay, but it is touch and go when she gets sick which happens frequently. When I hugged her for the last time before we left, I wondered if I would ever smell that smell again.

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