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Pregnancy and homeschooling....

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Aside from ms, which I'm pretty much past, I'm feeling a severe lack of mental capacity for my homeschooling tasks. Anyone else battle this during pregnancy? and what did you do about it? We are also participating in Classical Conversations, and I'm tutoring which is exhausting. By the time I put what little concentration I can summon into that (and it's on Mondays) I feel I am spent for the week. We have simplified quite a bit (at least until CC is over). Any suggestions, shared experiences, etc. welcome!


BTW I have a 3rd grade ds, a K ds, a 4yo dd, and a 2yo ds.



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During my last pregnancy, my oldest ds was in 3rd grade, and my dd was in K. The beginning of the pregnancy was during the summer, and I didn't have morning sickness (spotting, yes; ms, no).


The baby was due in April, so the end of the school year was tough. As the due date approached, I simplified my 3rd graders work -- A LOT. I switched to a workbook for math (and just about everything else). I tore out the pages, put them in a binder, wrote down a list of what needed to be done, and gave it to him every Monday. Not idea, but at least he worked a little every day. My dd and her Kindergarten education just got put on hold.


They survived, and I maintained my sanity. ;)

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I'm 7 mos. and tired most of the time. My patience for all the "junk" my kids dish out everyday is gone. They know that. I schedule a one hour nap each day during which time my school-aged kids read and read to youngers if they aren't napping. I checked out some good, educational DVD's/videos to correlate w/ our History and Science studies for those times I just don't feel like teaching. That happens a lot. My mind is on other things...baby needs, getting house in order, etc. My oldest is 11 and so while I don't want to shirk on her education, I must realize that I have to take care of me and the baby, too. Take naps when necessary, simplify workload. THis might be a good time to do some fun, creative projects together. Read together.

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I'm due in 5 weeks, so I'm right there with you! I decided now is a great time for my 12 yo old to learn how to cook and learn other household chores. A little bit of the basics and then we move onto doing laundry, prepping dinner (I sit in the kitchen and tell him what to do, demonstrating when needed), and he's been having fun putting together the baby furniture. With my youngers, getting one book read can be a challenge for me right now, so they've been learning how to wipe off the table, counters, and pour their own cup of water... LOL!

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...except the past two years, in which I've been pregnant three times :eek: One was a miscarriage, but I wasn't prepared for how post partum I'd feel.


Also have to oversee the ninth grader's classical ed (which means we can't really relax too much academically), the 7th grader, the 5th grader, the 3rd grader, the 1st grader, the 4yo, and the 11mo...


But, this is all I've ever known since we began homeschooling 11 years ago, and so we have had to learn how to deal with morning sickness, fatigue, hormones, and needing to eat protein right now!


I just posted on some ways we cope, particularly during the end of pregnancy. I hope it's helpful. Some of the comments added have helpful ideas, too.



Kendra, 28 weeks with #8

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