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I have seen reviews on their math, but can't find much about their computer science program. If you have used them for comp scie, can you please give me a review.

My kid did a placement test and loved every minuted of it (and did extremely well on it). He says he hasn't had that much fun in a long time, so I am thinking maybe he will like the program since he liked the test. I don't know if there are different type of tests, but we indicated we wanted computer science. It's expensive, and I don't want to jump into it without knowing more. Any reviews are appreciated!

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Mine did the math track (we could only afford the first class) and liked it but found it tedious too. My friend's son took the CS track (I think more than one level) and also liked and found it tedious lol. IIRC she said the material was very good foundation to have (she thought Level 1 was more tedious than necessary for her already extremely CS-oriented kid). It took them the full 40 weeks or so to go through every level. Her son works best in spurts though so it could be that he wasn't working on it regularly and why it took them that amount of time. I remember kiddo working on it more consistently but still taking 40 weeks because kiddo took a big break of a few months in the midst of the class.


I've heard of people finishing a level in a few weeks! Perhaps if you work on it intensively and are maybe older, that's possible but not so for my kid at the time (he was 9 when he started; my friend's son was 11 or 12 I think).

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My boys both took their computer classes. The instructors were very responsive and professional. They really go out of their way to make sure the students understand the material.


I have no idea how to evaluate computer science options, so take what I am about to say with a grain of salt.


My oldest's major has a computer science component, and I got feedback from him when he got to college. He told me that he didn't feel that the courses had been useful. My middle had finished the first two classes by this point. I then had him switch to CTY's classes. He also told me that he found his CTY Java classes to be much more useful in his CS class this past semester. My D isonly taking the CTY classes.



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This article by eIMACS's Natasha Chen might be of interest to some.


Found a sample by googling.

Ah Scheme that's been a CS favorite for a while but I would prefer to see:

1) Python based CS1 and CS2

2) more 'modern' functional language such as Haskell or F#


AP CS is stuck in the 2000s  IMHO but don't get me wrong Java is still very popular

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