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Mirena and sudden weird symptoms...


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I’m on my second mirena. I’ve had this one in for a year. I woke up yesterday morning and my chest feels heavier and I suddenly have more cleavage. They feel sore.


I’ve never had a period with it in place.


So, am I potentially pregnant?


What else could this be?


Please don’t quote. I’ll eventually delete this...

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To me, I wouldn't automatically think preggers...I might just think water retention or hormone effects or even normal cycle breast tenderness.  But to make yourself feel better, go get a pregnancy test.  If the heart heaviness continues, I'd definitely talk to your OB. 

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I'd do a pg test.

yes, it's possible to be pg.  they can slip.  sil and I both know women who've been pg with an IUD in place.  one, the ob even did a search to take it out during the pregnancy, they could not find it and assumed it fell out.  it was delivered with the baby.


and, when I started going through peri . . . I often felt this way.  until two days before my cycle started.  it was a drag, but I always knew when my cycle was about to start.


eta: I have a chest - and have also had it be an early pg symptom.

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