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Remember the Christmas lice? Never say things can't get worse....

Amber in SJ

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So today at church, during the passing of the Sacrament (the quietest part of the service) my 15 yo dd jumps up and declares, "I am going to throw up!"  She climbs out of the pew over the rest of us & runs out of the chapel.


We are supposed to sing in our small choir at the end of the service.


Because dh is one of two tenors in the choir, my 20yo dd offers to drive her sister home even though she might not make it back in time to sing.  I don't drive, if you recall.


Dd makes it back just as the choir is trooping up to the stand and runs up to stand in her place next to me.  As the musical introduction begins, she leans over & whispers,  "She almost made it home."


I whispered back, "Oh no!  Did she barf in the car?"


"No.  In. My. Purse."


I was laughing so hard I completely missed my entrance to Joy to the World.


Apparently when things got dire my older dd calmly dumped out her purse & handed it to her sister, drove her the rest of the way home, hosed out her purse & her sister's barfed on clothes, threw them into the washing machine then hopped in the car & drove back to sing with the choir.


She might be getting a new purse for Christmas.


Amber in SJ



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