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Trying not to whine . . . -- Happy Update in Post #1

Jenny in Florida

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Update: Stitch the Cat is safely home!


After another late night of walking the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking permission to tramp through neighbors' yards, listening to my husband stand in the backyard meowing for the cat, etc., I finally convinced my husband that we needed to try something different. I bought one of those Havaheart live traps and had that set up in our sunroom with some canned food inside, and we left the litter pan and box with comfy blanket out there, but we turned off the lights, and my husband went to bed.


I was sitting up working on Christmas crafting and wrapping, and at around 3:00 a.m., I saw Stitch at the sliding door. Unfortunately, when I walked over to open the door for him, he took off again, presumably because he knows from experience that the dog is likely to be right on my heels. 


I woke my husband, who decided to try rigging a string to pull the outside door closed from a distance and just sit quietly in the sunroom with no lights on and see if Stitch would venture back. I crated the dog and stayed with her in the bedroom to keep her quiet and out of the way. 


It took more than two hours, but Stitch eventually made his way far enough back into the sunroom that my husband could safely shut the outer door.


My husband woke me shortly before 6:00 to let me know all was well.


The cat has nary a scratch and seems in perfectly good spirits. When I woke up again a couple of hours later, I found him snuggled into a nest of blankets behind my knees, sleeping the sleep of the unperturbed.


I don't really know whether I want to cuddle the little troublemaker or give him a good, stern lecture about all the worry he caused us, but I'm super relieved that he's home.


Thanks again for all of the concern and hugs and well wishes.



[Original Post Below]


This holiday season -- honestly, all of the last several months in general -- has been difficult. As I've posted elsewhere, my kids are not speaking, for, unfortunately, complex and legitimate reasons on both sides. This situation has generalized in ways that are causing stress and tension and sadness and anxiety not only for them but for (and between) my husband and me. To be honest, even if the underlying situation eventually resolves, I am pretty convinced that many of the relationships between the four of us have been damaged more or less permanently.


I walk around mostly alternating between feeling numb and crying, getting a break only when I'm at work or otherwise very busy and focused on something. 


(I have spoken to a counselor, by the way. I'm doing my best to manage my own reactions to this healthfully and responsibly. Unfortunately, after our last session, she basically agreed the whole thing just sucks and the best I can do is to try to be kind to myself while essentially enduring it until something changes.)


Anyway, last night our younger cat found his way out of the sunroom and took off. We've had a couple of sightings, but haven't managed to bring him home. I've done every practical thing there is to do -- walking the neighborhood with a flashlight for hours last night, putting up flyers, posting on Nextdoor, putting a cardboard box with one of his preferred napping blankets in it and a litterbox with some lightly used litter in the sunroom and leaving the door open, talking to the neighbors who were out walking dogs this morning, etc. My husband slept in the hammock in the sunroom last night so he would be close in case there was anything to see or hear. And I left the bedroom window open a bit so I, too, could hear him if he came into the yard. 


At about 4:00 am, I heard something, jumped up, grabbed the flashlight and popped open a can of cat food before tiptoeing into the yard . . . Sure enough, there was a cat . . . It just wasn't ours.


It feels petty to whine when others are dealing with so much, but I can't help feeling that I've already lost quite a bit this year, and this feels like just. too. much.

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You're not being petty at all, Jenny. :grouphug:


I hope your kids are eventually able to work out their differences, but right now I know you're so scared about your cat, and I hope he comes home today. Have you called the local pound, animal rescue organizations, and local veterinarians so they can be on the lookout for him? Also, post on places like Craigslist and go door to door and ask neighbors if you can check places like under their decks, as well as in and under backyard sheds and boats.

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Nosy question but we are going to get a kitten soon. Here cats are pretty much free range and people look horrified when I suggest not letting it roam freely but I get from reading here it can be done? How?


For traps my mother has borrowed them from the vet to catch strays or lost pets so you could ask your vet if you have one open near you.

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Thank you so much, everyone.


No sign of the cat since my sighting this morning.


My husband spent most of the day in the sunroom with the door open, and once we reached twilight -- which is when I see the neighborhood cats appearing on sidewalks and lawns -- we headed out again in opposite directions with flashlights and cat treats. 






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I'm so sorry! Two of my sons do not get along and it can make life plenty difficult at times. One of them is getting married in January and the other is refusing to go to the rehearsal dinner. At first I was upset but now I see that him at least going to the wedding is a good compromise. 


We've had several cats disappear over the years, some are gone a day or two, some several months, and one was gone a year. Don't give up hope yet,

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Yay for Stitch! I bet you guys are exhausted. Beware, now that he's had taste of the high life he is going to try to sneak out at every opportunity. Make sure you and the kiddos stay on your toes when opening and closing doors.


You betcha.


He seemed really knocked out, sleeping more than usual today. I suspect his adventures left him a bit tired, too.


And, yes, he's been meowing pretty insistently at the sliding door today, so we're being extra-super careful every time we open any portal.

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