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I need one more stocking stuffer for ds11


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I got my kids some little wooden IQ buster puzzle things from the game section at Walmart. I think they were $5-6 ish dollars, if I’m remembering correctly.


Or, there are little 70-ish piece lego sets, Star Wars and Marvel characters. Those were under $10, too.

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Headlamps are a favorite at my house. Pocketknives, too.


Potato gun ($5 at World Market and toy stores) + a few potatoes


* World Market has a great selection of fun, off the beaten path toys for $5-20.


Marshmallow shooter ($6-10) + bag of mini marshmallows.


Novelty socks or slippers to wear around the house ... or a $8-10 novelty tee from Target, etc.


Hacky sack, or any type of balls (tennis, koosh, mini soccer, nerf football) ...


Harmonica (if you're a masochist lol)


$5-10 video from Target, etc. - I think last year I got Jaws for one kid (it was a hoot), Field of Dreams, and another 80s/90s fun flick


$5-10 CD from Target, Half Price Books, etc. - I got one of mine an old Star Wars soundtrack, one a band I think he'd like (Aerosmith)


A few of my boys love spicy stuff, so (it's food, but not junk) I got one two different types of hot sauce, and one a jar of jalapeno jelly.


Ball cap 


That weird toy with the pins that you press your face into? I've seen it at toy stores and Walmart. 






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