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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Typing without my reading glasses so please excuse any typos.  I'm getting too old to type without my reading glasses. 



-get DS16 off to school for Algebra II and Spanish II finals

-work at school setting up Teacher Appreciation Lunch (8-12 ugh)

-make sure DS13 did his school work while I was gone (not much for him to do)

-address and mail Christmas cards

-figure out last minute gifts for my parents, niece, aunts/uncles

-finalize menu for Christmas dinner, maybe go to Publix to pick up stuff

-make sure DS16 studies for Chem final tomorrow

-dinner (the Eggs in Purgatory I was too lazy to make yesterday)

-read (seriously need to finish 2 more books for 52/52 challenge - need to find short stories)

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Good morning!



•remember to leave gift in mail box for mail lady

•get present for FIL wrapped and ready to send

•order parchment paper

•finish shopping list

•get bank deposits ready

•drop off gift to friend who cuts my & dd's hair

•go to bank, post office, get gas

•get groceries and a few stocking stuffers

•pick up prescription

•dinner: Thai shrimp curry

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  • Try not to have a heart attack.  (Glad I did all those stress tests in the spring, so I don't have to seriously worry about the feeling in my chest.)
  • Work into the wee hours until my brain couldn't do it any more.
  • Set alarm for early but just have fitful sleep for a few hours.
  • Get up and check the kids' math homework.
  • Get the kids going for school - math corrections, instruments, finish audiobook for test, etc.
  • The school bus didn't come.  Thankfully I had someone who could run the kids to school so I could do other stuff.
  • Took out the garbage.
  • Washed the dishes.
  • Processed 2 loads of laundry.
  • Work - I promised a bunch of stuff overnight that I could not finish.
  • Conference call at 9am?  I am not prepared but too bad.
  • More work work work work work.
  • Pack for a 19 day trip.
  • Oh crap I don't know if Christmas cards can happen.
  • Donations.
  • Bills?  Or let that slide?
  • Finish the laundry.  (Last load is in washer.)
  • Take a shower and stuff like that.
  • Whatever else I'm forgetting.
  • Get the kids from school.
  • Go to airport.  Work at the airport after getting through security.
  • Embark.  Home to Dubai, Dubai to Hyderabad.
  • Hope I can sleep on the plane, otherwise work.


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Back to store for items I forgot on my big shopping trip yesterday, lol.


Make dough for four kinds of cookies -- gingerbread, rolled sugar cookies, Italian lemon ricotta, chocolate crackle.

Make raspberry gum drops (recipe from WTM) and candied grapefruit peel.


Wrap presents, or at least get started.


On Monday, I figured out Xmas menus and printed out all the recipes I needed. I much prefer this to working out of multiple cookbooks scattered about.


Assemble fruit for Chrtitmas pudding and soak in Madeira, as I did not get to this Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.


Watch more of four part Dark Ages documentary on Acorn. Covers Christians, Barbarians, Islamic world, and Norseman. Basic premise -- this period is full of light.

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Good morning! It is raining here, again, ugh. I need some sunshine!

Kids are not completely well - lingering cough, esp dd. 


A whole pile of errands: milk, bank, mom's, Barnes and Noble, bagels,P.O., library

Then just hang out at home. 


Budget/pay bills.

Wrap gifts?

Make cookie dough?


Dd is watching all the LOTR movies this week, including the behind the scenes documentary parts that she hasn't seen before.


Dinner - sesame ginger pork tenderloin with cabbage and wasabi almonds, fried rice.




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After additional coffee, I cleaned the kitchen, did some picking up, roused ds3 and ds2, ordered some photos to slip into letters. I need to get to the store/pick up photos and write the letters I have been postponing writing. 


Basically, I can't be so melancholy. Need cheerful holiday tidings for older relatives....


I am not sure what the rest of the day holds....

Probably bathrooms need cleaning, presents to wrap, nap to take....


Have a great day!

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Work on getting ready for the visitors

Go shopping later



I somehow passed my drama-filled-class with a B+ (curve?) and my nieces are coming to visit, so I don't think I get another Christmas wish, but if I did, it would either be to win the lotto or my stupid foot to magically heal immediately so I can go do stuff.

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done


kitchen - dishwasher rebooted.

laundry - two loads folded and put away with the kid's help.

Ds did one load of laundry and I just put it in the dryer for him.


Kids helped me in the Schoolroom of Doom.  Ds took care of a recycling problem (why does no one realize that an overflowing recycle bin does no good in the house and that stuff needs to be actually put out in the big rolling bin on occasion?)  Dd and I went through all the books and stuff on a cart and got rid of very little but we are going to take the cart itself to Goodwill so that's progress, right?  We do have some other things to go to the homeschool consignment shop and to Goodwill as well. 

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lunch done


books taken to homeschool consignment shop.  They took half.  The other half went directly to Goodwill.


Took cart and other stuff to Goodwill as well.  I'm unhappy though.  The kids told me that all four wheels for the cart were in the car but when I delivered the cart, all I could find were 3.  I looked all over the back of the car.  And I left it there and went home to look some more but no dice.  The man told me that if I couldn't find the fourth wheel that it would be thrown away.  I'm sad about that because I didn't mean to saddle them with garbage.  I'm a bit suspicious though because before he knew it had wheels he was perfectly fine with taking it just as a bookcase (because it basically a bookcase on wheels) so I'm hoping that they just put it out on the floor as a bookcase and don't throw it out. 


Went to grocery store.


Went to butcher and put in an order for a pork roast to be picked up on Saturday.  And checked to see that their potato salad is gluten free. 


Now I'm home to collapse. 

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