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Instacart delivery - tips?


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I tipped the delivery person. For Instacart, anyway. I think I went online and did it afterward, as she asked for a review and said we could tip, too. It felt like she was telling me that tips are the norm.


That said, I don’t prefer to use Instacart, and have only used it once, when everyone was sick (like you). It felt very pricey. Though when everyone was sick, obviously it felt worthwhile!


We always used Amazon Fresh, and the driver wouldn’t take a tip, until December - now we are no longer in their delivery area. Such a bummer!


I’ll be watching to see what others say. :)

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I ended up giving her a cash tip - she seemed very happy with that. I don't know that I would do it again. I think I'd rather do the grocery pick up at my local supermarket. That's only $3 and they bring it right to the car and load it. I loved Amazon Fresh while it was free for a few months. I don't want to pay the extra $14.99 a month, plus they stopped carrying some brands we used. I may consider going back for $6 - 10 a month. I do miss it a lot! I loved waking up and having my order ready for me on my deck. 

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