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Why do I get a headache every evening

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I stumbled onto this website when google brought me here to http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/237047-why-would-i-get-a-headache-every-evening/


The thread is archived. So if the user @ManagerMom is around who posted 



This info you posted about two weeks really helped me Negin. I take 250mg twice a day now and I'm feeling so much better! 

Can you please come back and tell me what of 250 mg do you take everyday ?


On to my question - I get headaches every evening. Google-fu shows these are tension headaches, but most days I am not even stressed!

I am very well hydrated through out the day. Being a vegetarian, I have been on various vitamin supplements (including magnesium and B12) for a long time. 

I have inflamed turbinates for which I take a steroid nasal spray every night. I have sleep apnea but due to using a CPAP machine, the AHI every night is way less than 5  (less than 1 actually) and I have good sleep every night. My diet hasn't changed, my alcohol/nicotine/caffeine intake hasnt changed for years. I am a diabetic but my glucose is very well maintained. 


It started about 10 months ago it would begin with a buzzing feeling around my crown towards the end of my day at work. These days its just the temples that are 'sore' I apply some white flower oil and it seems to help. But I want to understand whats going on with me and the GPs have no answer :( 

I also had a sinus CT done and everythings okay in that department. 


Any help please :( 

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I hope that OP sees this and posts what she took/takes!


Not as painful, but when I'm tired, I feel nauseated. This started decades ago but in adulthood. I feared I had an ulcer. One night I realized, "I feel sick to my stomach every night. I'm fine in the morning." 


Now I also feel nauseated when I haven't eaten. So odd. Sure, I feel hungry sometimes, but if I'm super busy and skip meals/snacks, I go straight to nauseated. 


All that rambling to say, is it better in the morning? Could it be that you're tired? Regardless, I hope find a solution. 

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Negin's suggestions gave amounts for riboflavin and magnesium, so it's likely one of those.


FWIW, my doctor told me to take about 10 mg riboflavin daily to prevent stress headaches (cut a 25 mg pill in half), and I rarely get them now.


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I get headaches when my salt intake drops too low (and/or fluids too high).  This doesn't happen when we eat out since everywhere adds a ton of salt, but when we cook at home it can and often did before I caught on that it was the problem.  I have to watch it carefully.


This runs in my family (or at least my mom has the same issue), so I don't know if would apply to you.  Your diet made me think of it though.  Hubby eats the same diet (though more of it) as I do when we're at home most of the time and doesn't have the same reaction even without adding extra salt to his so it really does seem to be an individual body reaction (that might have a genetic component).

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Do you drink diet soda or something else with saccharine or aspartame? I have a similar reaction to many artificial sweeteners. It developed after years of consumption with no symptoms.


I also get headaches after reading (including computer use) or sewing/knitting without reading glasses.

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I used to get headaches around midafternoon, which sometimes turned into migraines. I cut down on my wheat consumption by 95%, and I hardly get them anymore. Being GF is popular enough now that it isn't too difficult to accomplish. It can be inconvenient at times, but not impossible. I like my carbs, but I like not having headaches all the time a lot more. :-)

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