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Dr. Hive...Any ideas for quick relief??


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DS 23 ate popcorn at the movies tonight.  Has never been an issue.


He is having a lot of stomach pain, cannot get into any comfortable position, moaning.  Calls it a 5 out of 10.


I don't know what I can offer that might give him relief?  I told him he will likely just have to wait it out.


Any ideas appreciated!


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Lemon tea or warm lemonade might also help as lemons are good for greasy food digestion as well as for nausea. Hopefully it’s just stale popcorn and not food poisoning.



A hot water bottle to warm the tummy area to help ease the pain.

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I have a wheat allergy and have to be 100 percent gluten free.  If I have even the tiniest amount, I will have stomach cramps like what you've described.  The only thing that I have found that really helps is to eat a completely liquid diet for several days.  Tea, broth, jello, etc.


I hope he feels better soon!



ETA:  Hot showers give temporary relief.


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Where exactly is he experiencing the pain? 


It may just be gas. That can be extremely painful. 


If the pain is up high and center, it could actually be the stomach--gastritis. (And you said he was nauseous.) Acid reducers (Prilosec, pepcid AC) are good for that. Tums is fast acting but not always strong enough to relieve gastritis. 


Hope he's feeling better by now. 

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Thanks for the input.  Not appendicitis.  Long night, but he finally slept.


I cannot eat movie popcorn without similar difficulties, so I just don't eat it.  He has not run into this before, so will discuss with his Gastro doc and, obviously, not eat it anymore.


As far as moaning etc., he is one of my aspies.  His pain tolerance varies from great to minimal, and his anxiety when in unexpected pain is great.  


Hoping for a better sleep for all tonight, and grateful for the help!

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