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Give me Christmas ideas for a 2.5 year ols


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I have no idea.

He is almost non verbal, though he does make his needs known through gestures and basic sign(yes, no, more, Mom, movie). He loves music. He has all kinds of musical instrument toys. He loves the movies “Sing†and “Trolls,†and sometimes Paw Patrol. He also loves making messes, but all he really does with toys is throw them out of the basket onto the floor. He has blocks, trucks, and mega blocks, but doesn’t really play with them other than to throw them everywhere.


Any brilliant ideas? Because I’m coming up short.

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What about one of those microphones the makes echos of yelling/speaking/noises? They are about 2ish dollars each and are great entertainment (and are used in speech therapy).


Clip on basketball net for the basket.


Does he like soft music at bed? DD has a neat speaker that is Bluetooth from five below that changes color while playing music. I could se it being a soothing item at bed and fun during the day. While he couldn’t play with it, it sounds like something he might enjoy.

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He might like to push something around, and if he can push it around he might start liking to put things in it, push them somewhere, take them out and throw them, put them back in, etc.  so a good quality push cart - you can get wood ones but good wood ones are pricey so you might as well  get something plastic and durable.


Not a wagon - those aren't as satisfying ime.  

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What is your budget?

Some in the $30-50 range:

A teeter-popper.  It makes noise, which it sounds like his parents are okay with.  The suction cups on the bottom "pop" as you rock back and forth inside it.

A Pikolino cart.  It's small, easily pulled, and has slots for books or toys.


In the $10-30 range:

a set of tactile balls.  Rubber balls with all different feels.

Skwooshi clay and a tray

Alex water flutes.  They attach to the bathtub wall, but don't have to be.


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