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Who’s going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I hope that DD’s friend doesn’t stand her up today for two reasons:


I don’t want her to be disappointed and fibro is kicking my butt and I can muddle through better if she isn’t here.





Call doc

Figure out check

Medical bills?

Figure out dh’s presents.



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  • Up early to work on the stupid bling blang report that won't go away.
  • Laundry.
  • Reviewed kids' math homework.
  • Get $$ ready for teacher gift donation.

To do:

  • Kids up & off to school.
  • Will probably have my morning ruined by conference calls and similar again.
  • Lots of other work.  I didn't get enough done yesterday.
  • Supposed to pick up my car sometime around midday.  Need a ride.
  • Go to banks & FedEx?
  • Kids' work and test study.
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work in the car.
  • Kids to bed.
  • More work.


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Good morning!


I was just looking at the extended forecast and the temp for New Year's Eve is supposed to be 14 below. Yikes, I guess I'll enjoy our mild temps in the 30's while they last.



•a couple hours of office stuff

•make sure house is somewhat presentable because our security system is getting serviced tomorrow morning at 7AM

•finish going through Subscribe and Save list

•make sure kids have their Christmas shopping done (2 of them like to put it off until the last possible minute...)

•food prep (roast a turkey breast, see if we need more salad)

•wrap more presents

•dinner: Indonesian rice/cauliflower bowls with tofu, slaw, and sautéed spinach

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Good morning!



-DS16 off to school with little to no drama

-school with DS13 (only a few subjects this week)


-make dinner to deliver tomorrow to grieving family

-order Christmas presents

-finish reading my book

-dinner (shish kebobs and brown rice)

-make sure DS16 studies for his final tomorrow

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Good morning! Dh took dd2 to am practice. She is on break, but the majority of her club teammates go to a different district, so the regular practice schedule is in effect for the week. Kind of rough, having 5:30 am practices during vacation. We don't have too much to do. Well, ds2 does...but he had a small failure to plan.


To do:

finish coffee and read paper

clean kitchen

get ds2 working with a schedule and a plan

daily chores

check Christmas lists and wrap a couple of things

make some appointments?

ds1 takes ds3 to guitar and maybe tennis? or ds3 will have to bike

take dd2 to pt

lunch/shop with dd2

dd2 to practice

a few errands


pick up ds2


Have a great day!


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We are supposed to be on break, but dd has a math test to study for and take for her online class. She is still recovering from the flu. Tired with a yucky, persistent cough. So I let her sleep in, fed her a good breakfast and got her started on the practice test.I suspect this will not be her best grade. 


Next up:

ATM run for cash

clean the fridge and wait for a call from MIL


We are swapping refrigerators today. I am getting my SIL's old one and mine is going to a friend. My MIL's handyman is coming with truck, dolley, friends etc. to do the moving. But the time is somewhat nebulous and my whole day is sort of stuck til it's done. 


unpackage, sort and wrap gifts while kids watch a movie this afternoon






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I had a TIA last night, so I'm giving myself the morning to recoup.


•cleaning lady comes today ✅

•cut fingernails

•clean off bed

•move infusion appointment to Friday ✅

•bath for dd

•have kids do chores ✅

•afternoon and evening chores ✅

•refill prescriptions ✅

•finish art shelf ✅

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Woke up with the start of a cold so I took some meds and went back to bed. Hard to get started now.  I have left over soup from yesterday, maybe I will eat early lunch and then get to work.


Just cleaning and organizing and studying today, a few other tasks. 

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Human care done - and I found my other fleece sweatshirt!  O frabjous day!  (I should still shower later.  This is a reminder to myself.  Finding the shower free at "normal" times is hard with teens and young adults in the house.) 


Pet care done.


Medical care done. 


Ran  to the pharmacy and back.


Dd's friend came and picked her up.  I'm free to tear into my tackle list! 

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Fridges moved! Whew! I think I paid the guy too much, but would rather that than too little. 


Way too tired to make much for dinner so scavenger night, using up what we have. Tortellini and sauce for kids. White chili and salad for dh. Ham sandwich for me.

Meal planning and grocery shopping definitely on tomorrow's list! 


Beans soaking for tomorrow's soup.

Called mom. 

Thanked my SIL for the fridge.



relax and watch tv/movie



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My left eye is all itchy and red. Took some tylenol and it knocked out my headache, though. 


I think I'm going to take a shower then work on studying. I think I will look up ways to do non-weight-bearing exercise, too. The Spring show is going to the Little Mermaid and if I get cleared in time, I really want to audition. 

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Looks like a bunch of productive days. 👠I am happy with what I accomplished. All of my school shelves are dusted and ready for any incoming Christmas additions (not just the art shelf, like I planned). I was more productive than planned.


Thanks Selkie. And Jean, I am under a doctor's care. I have them often, unfortunately, so my cutoff for going to the hospital is skewed from normal. 😜 It has to last long enough for me to think I need PT or ST or be much larger than normal.

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