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Can someone pleeeease help me word this properly?


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I'm printing a little sign for the used bookstore I work at.

I've put up a display of New Year's resolution/self help/new hobbies type books. 


I made a sign that said something like: 

Happy New Year!    New Hobbies, New Habits


New habits implies something negative, and I know some people won't like that.

How can I phrase a similar idea with short, positive wording?  Punctuation??


My mind is now fried over this silly thing.  :tongue_smilie:

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I have never heard of the term "habits" implying something negative. Especially in the context - one would not plan to develop bad habits in the new year, only good ones.

I think your sign is fine as it is, the alliteration works well.

I don't think of it that way either. 


Have you ever watched Parks and Recreation? There's an ongoing joke where they have community meeting and locals complain about absurd things... Like "I found a sandwich in the park and that makes me mad because I hate PBJ sandwiches!!" 

I kind of feel like that person is every 10th customer at the bookshop. :)

Sounds terrible, I know.


I've taken the nip it in the bud approach. 

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I put up NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and made a cute celebratory Happy New Year sign. 

I'll probably change it a few times before I laminate it. 


You're right Suzanne, it'll drive me bonkers. 

My goal is to make these kinds of signs for year round occasions, laminate and store everything, and not think about it anymore. 


I just love doing these little seasonal collections. I feel like it keeps the bookstore fresh and helps to show how many genres we offer. This morning I went through everything looking for How To, self help, etc. I even found a '70s book on building tree houses. Who knows, it might be someones goal for 2018!!??

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