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Vet question - luxating patella


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My 1 year old hound mix has a luxating patella...well probably both. I haven't kept track if it is the same one or different ones. Will pop out of place while playing at the dog park, then slip back in on it's own and he's fine. Happens about 2 times a week I'd say. Today I was right by him when it happened and was able to pop it into place for him. It has only happened when playing at the park. 


He's a big tall dog, half bloodhound, a quarter blue tick coonhound and a quarter newfoundland. He's VERY lean, at 65 pounds. Looks more like a greyhound or other sight hound than a bloodhound. I'll keep him thin, and just got him some joint supplement to take. I don't think it is bad enough to have surgery, and really don't have the funds right now for that anyway. 


My question is, should I stop taking him to the park? He'd hate that. I'd hate that, because he's high energy and that place really wears him out, and he just loves it so much. 


Are there any exercises I can do with him to build up the muscles?


Anything else I can do? 


He has an appointment for his annual appt after the holidays, so will discuss it with my vet then, but in the meantime, any thoughts?

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