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Help -- I need a gift idea for myself


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What about a really nice planner? I got myself an Erin Condren planner and I loved it so much I bought them for my mom, my daughter, and my sister for Christmas. 


Do you have a camera? Maybe it needs a pretty camera bag or a new lens? 


What about a good pair of sunglasses?


I like the prior suggestion of a cashmere sweater. My mom told me a few years ago that she gets one every year when they go on sale at The Bay. I finally bought myself one when they went down to $69.99 and I love it. 


Do you vacation in warm places? A nice beach bag is fun to have. Maybe a thick beach towel, too. 


I've always wanted a pair of sheepskin slippers. Or moccasins. Something warm and wonderful to wear on my feet when it's cold. 


You'll have to report back and tell us what he got you :)



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We don't have anybody local who could stay with the children overnight :( Because of the extent of our younger two boys' special needs, we typically hire a couple teenage guys (DD's friends) just to help DD16 with the boys so we can go out for even a few hours. So, three sitters for two boys. They are actually fantastic with our boys, but I'm not sure they're old enough that I would feel comfortable leaving them overnight with the kids (or that their mom would be comfortable with it -- and she's a great friend, but has five kids of her own, so I won't ask her to stay, lol). We have only one family member that lives within an hour of us (the rest are 10+ hours from us) and she has a farm she takes care of and can't be away from overnight.


Trust me, I've thought about it :p

Well a few gift cards for nice restaurants could be used later together.


Mani/pedi gift card?  Some sort of spa treatment?


Someone to deep clean the house once or once a month, or do whatever tasks you don't like?


Boy, if you could find someone to come in and fix healthy meals for a week, that would be nice!  But who?

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