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Favorite preschool apps for 3yos?

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I have looked through the available ones on the Apple app store but I don't know if I'm just app-stupid or what...I couldn't find any that looked like they had any value, and nearly all of them cost money, which is fine IF they are worth it.  :-D


Recommendations? I'd like one he can operate without parental help, because this will basically be a rare treat, when I have to focus on something else.

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Dragonbox!  They offer such deep, conceptual math understanding that I happily pay for them.  My preschoolers play the Numbers app, and then move on to Big Numbers when they are ready.  They also play around with the Algebra 5+ app, but they don't really get it until they are a bit older.


Also all the Toca Boca apps.  They aren't educational in the sense of letter or number games, but I still find them very worthwhile.  On their site they say that they're "a play studio that believes in the power of play. Play for the sake of play. Play without rules, levels or predetermined outcomes. Play that unleashes kids’ superpowers."  They love experimenting in the Toca Lab; there is no goal other than to see what happens when you combine or manipulate different elements.  They like creating forest ecosystems in Toca Nature, playing with Toca Robots, cooking in the Toca Kitchen, etc.  Really, all the kids (ages 2-8) have enjoyed every Toca Boca apps that we have bought.



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I second the Dragon Box apps.  Also, Reading Raven 1 and 2 are great fun and real learning for phonics.  And Letter School is great. 

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Another vote for DragonBox here! All four of my kids love those apps!

Also, you mentioned apple apps, but I don't know if you have a kindle? My kids have a bunch of Amazon underground apps (so totally free, but legit and not pirated) of games called stuff like "Learning games for preschool" and "2nd/3rd/(blank) grade learning games" that they enjoy.

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