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Boredom / restlessness for you


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We've pretty much broken up for the summer holidays here. I have a couple of last things to finish off but that's it.


The house needs a major overhaul but I'm finding it hard to focus on getting into and getting through what needs doing. I have some educational podcasts and Webinars I want to listen to but I feel like I really need to switch off from thinking about homeschooling for a couple of weeks. I really need a solid break from that.


There's so many little projects I could start but I don't have the energy to throw into them. Plus, my kids still need me frequently even when we arent schooling. They are still here.


I know that by the end of the week when DH is off work and we have the holidays then swimming lessons we'll be busy. I just feel a bit unmotivated and also bored right now. I don't even want to read.


Anyway just wondering if anyone else feels a bit like that in the holidays? I've been looking forward to them to catch up on the house work and now I really can't be bothered?!

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I get this way, too. Im tired!


When I have a long break, say six weeks, I will take a week and just be lazy. Then, I get to work. For a shorter break, I just take a day.


If there is a ton of stuff that I really need to get done during the break, I use a timer. I'll set it for 30 minutes and work. Then 30 minutes to relax. I repeat that all day. Knowing that it is only 30 minutes helps me get through it. I get everything done but at the same time, I am able to relax. It forces me to pace myself...something I'm not naturally good at.

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Contrary to our cultural and societal beliefs regarding productivity and worthiness, it is not wrong to just sit and relax and enjoy some down time. Guilt free. I’m willing to bet that unless you are experiencing depression or some other health imbalance, if you just allow yourself to “be†for a day or two - sit and stare into space while you allow your mind to wander, you will be more motivated to do a “better†job on your to-do list and complete it faster than if you force your way through it now.


I suggest doing a complete brain dump on paper of every single little thing that is crowding your mind -your “I should†list before you sit back and relax, so you can truly relax, knowing where to find your list when you are rested and ready to prioritize and tackle it.

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