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Short Stories - Positive, Uplifting for Teenage Girl

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My daughter would like to learn more about writing short stories by reading some really good short stories.


Many of the stories we have found are heavy, moody, or even gruesome.  Can you recommend some good short stories that are well-written, but also lighter and uplifting?


Thank you for your help!



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King Arthur and a World of Other Stories (also Robin Hood and AWOS and St. George and the Dragon and AWOS - personally I prefer the St. George book, but Arthur seems easiest to find) (McCaughrean)

My Book House series (Beaupre Miller)

The Light Princess and Other Stories (MacDonald)

Stories and Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children of All Ages (may not all fit your criteria, but you can skip those) (Bloom)


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The Shepherd by Fredrick Forsythe (more a novella). Listen to the Fireside Al recording from the CBC. 




Also from the CBC, any of the Vinyl Cafe books (or stories on the radio) by Stuart McLean. These stories were originally read by the author on his radio show, and he reads them so well, it's absolutely worth listening to them. But the books are great too. Some are a bit sad, but most are funny and very uplifting. 




I remember most of the early ones. I'm not sure how far back the web recordings go. 



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