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Can you recommend a game for 9-11 yr. old boys?


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My 12 yr old loves a lot of the above mentioned games, as well as Exploding Kittens (if you do not mind the cartoon violence in it), Connect 4, and drawing games like Pictionary, or we have one more for young kids called Googly Eyes, which is pretty cute. You have to wear goofy glasses to do the drawing and it makes it pretty hilarious. 


He also loves a cup stacking game....Quick Cups? Quick Stacks? Something like that. Each player has a set of colored cups (smaller than shot glass sized) and the game has cards depicting a series of colored objects. You must stack or line up your cups in the order of the colors on the card, and hit a buzzer. First one to hit the buzzer wins the card for that round. 

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Oh! Pandemic. Everyone here likes that. 


Individual games were fun when my 12 yr old was younger -- stuff like Rush Hour and all of those types of games. 


Mastermind is one I think my boys would really like, but no one has yet been convinced and I haven't actually bought it for them. 

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We have a lot of games, and the favorites for my boys are King of Tokyo and Apples to Apples Disney version.


King of Tokyo is fun, because the characters are monsters, and the players get to "attack" each other (players that are attacked lose life points). It's a dice game but has extra elements. Players can earn playing cards that give their monsters extra powers or immunity. It's pretty easy to learn and is most fun when played with at least three players.


The Apples to Apples Disney edition is fun, because the cards have pictures on them. (The regular game only has words on the cards.) When we let our kids choose a game, they pick this one more than any other.


We have lot of the Ticket to Ride games. Some of my kids like them, and others don't. They require more strategy and take longer to play.

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