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One semester writing class for 9th grader

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My son took a year-long local format writing clas last year in 8th grade that was very helpful, and I saw much progression in his writing skills. He was writing weekly and by the end of the year, he’d become quite capable and produced a strong paper. He aced the course.

This year in 9th he is taking a blended English class (English IV at Big River Academy) which is a combination of literature,grammar, vocabulary, and some writing, but not weekly writing, perhaps two papers per semester. I’ve seen his writing skills degrade. He’s not brainstorming, outlining, or using good transitions. He’s writing sloppy sentences, not building an idea fluidly, and not using well formulated logical conclusions. I think he’s just not getting the weekly writing practice to keep him on his toes. He was more concerned about the minimum word count, and threw in a whole lot of fluff to do so. I had to red pen more than a third of it!

I feel he needs a one semester writing class to shore up this area, starting in January. But nothing too intense or time consuming, as he already has a full English class and its associated workload. He works better for an outside teacher, so looking to outsource this. I’d like a course with lots of detailed feedback especially on setting up a thesis, building a cogent argument, using fluid transitions and conclusions, omitting fluff words and phrases and using strong words to communicate.

Does anyone have a good suggestion?

Thank you kindly.

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