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Rod & Staff English 5 or 6 for 6th grade?


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Last year was our 1st year homeschooling after public school and we used Growing With Grammar and we liked it fine.  After reading WTM over the summer and finding a cheap copy of R&S English 4 set, I picked it up to see if it might work for us this school year.  I liked what I saw, so I purchased R&S English 3 & 5 for my 3rd and 5th graders.  OF COURSE, I found a new (all inclusive) LA program weeks before starting school in August and just had to try it  :lol: !  At first we were all in love but then we zoomed through all the spelling lists and had to find something new for that, and the writing wasn't what I thought so started supplementing that as well.  We burned out quickly soon after.  Sooo I pulled out the R&S English and decided to casually try it a few weeks before Christmas break.  Turns out we all really like it and I should have used it from the start of the year!  The English 5 looked a little advanced for my 5th grader so I am using level 4 for her.  My question is am I OK to use English 5 (which I already have) next year for her 6th grade year or should I purchase English 6?  The other option would be to start on English 5 after break and do what we can the rest of the school year...then finish English 5 the start of 6th grade or skip to English 6 the beginning of 6th grade?   :confused1:   Thanks!!

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It's fine to use it a year behind. 


My 5th grader uses it on grade level, but he started it in 3rd grade.  My 8th grader uses English 7 because he started in 6th grade, and I had read that if you start R&S after 5th grade, to just start at 5th and go from there.  It does seem to get quite a bit more difficult after 5th.  He's still getting a ton of grammar!

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