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San Diego Area Boardies...Stay Safe

Jenn in FL

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I have NEVER seen purple on the fire maps before and SoCal today is nothing, but purple.  :ohmy:  :ohmy:  :ohmy:  


This is so frightening and I am so sorry you have to deal with this situation.   


My sister lives on a hillside out in the San Pasqual Valley and they are very nervous. 


Does everyone here have an evac plan and/or a place to go?  


You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


:grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:

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Thanks!  We're in the dark purple and I'm feeling a little on edge, but I'm prepared.  The hard part is keeping an eye on the news without making the kids feel nervous.  This is the driest I've seen things in the time that we've lived here and while we've had some serious wind gusts in the past, the last time I was worried about wind like I am today was going through hurricanes in FL!  


Actually, until a couple years ago, I wouldn't have worried as much because we are over a mile from any open hillside type area but we do live adjacent to a wet area with a lot of vegetation.  Even though it hasn't rained, this wet area is still wet.  Well,  a few years ago on a dry day I looked out the window and saw palm trees on fire in that area.  The fire dept. actually was able to use the helicopter to scoop up water right next to the fire and then drop it right on the fire - crazy!  Then the city brought a little jon boat so they could go out to a little island to make sure it was all out.  Lots of homeless camp around that area and it was determined that the fire started in one of the camps.  I never thought that well-watered vegetation would catch fire like that, but it changed my whole perception of fire danger. 


We were up in the San Pasqual Valley a couple weeks ago at the Safari Park and crews were working around there making sure there the fire breaks were maintained.  As we drove around the area a bit though we could tell that some residences hadn't been keeping up with their preparedness.  It would be so frustrating to live adjacent to someone who didn't maintain their property.  


CalFire San Diego always seems to have good updates via twitter: https://twitter.com/CALFIRESANDIEGO


Well, my heart goes out to everyone dealing with fires up in L.A., and I hope all of us in the more So. of SoCal stay fire free.  



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We are on the beach, so safe from fire, but we have a friend whose home in Fallbrook is currently threatened. Thinking of all my Socal friends, especially in the 805 where I grew up. Stay safe everyone!

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Liberty Fire at an unincorporated area of Murrieta in Riverside County.


“The fire, dubbed the Liberty Fire, was reported around 1:14 p.m. near Los Alamos Road and Liberty Road and was initially sized up at 20 acres, according to fire officials.


Evacuation orders were in place for all roads south of Los Alamos Road, east of Ruth Ellen Way and west of Briggs Road and the following streets:


-- Los Alamos Road

-- Liberty Road

-- Mary Place


-- Via Mira Mosa

-- Madelda Lane

-- Skipper Road

-- Ernest Way

-- Mesa Avenue


A care and reception center has been established at Great Oak High School at 32555 Deer Hollow Way in Temecula and at Mesa High School at 24801 Monroe Street Murrieta, CalFire Riverside officials said.


CalFire Riverside officials said the blaze was burning at a moderate to rapid rate of spread in heavy fuels.

More than 100 firefighters were battling the blaze on the ground and with aerial units.†http://abc7.com/brush-fire-near-murrieta-grows-to-100-acres-threatens-homes/2753387/



“UPDATE 12/7/17 @ 3:24 p.m. - The fire is 220 acres and 0% contained.†http://www.rvcfire.org/_Layouts/Incident%20Information/IncidentInfoDetail.aspx?3777

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I’m about four miles south of the Lilac Fire evacuation zone. My kids’ school district is closed tomorrow. We’re spending the day making Christmas cookies to take to the fire fighters with all of our important stuff next to the front door.


The only reason I’m sleeping tonight is that the wind is going to the west instead of the south. But that could change at any moment so we won’t be sleeping well.

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I’m about four miles south of the Lilac Fire evacuation zone. My kids’ school district is closed tomorrow. We’re spending the day making Christmas cookies to take to the fire fighters with all of our important stuff next to the front door.


The only reason I’m sleeping tonight is that the wind is going to the west instead of the south. But that could change at any moment so we won’t be sleeping well.

You're so wonderful baking cookies for the firefighters! Hope you all stay safe!!!
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“CalFire’s statistics, as of Friday morning:


Thomas Fire, near Santa Paula and Ventura; 115,000 acres, 5 percent containment.


Creek Fire, above Lake View Terrace in the northeastern San Fernando Valley; 15,323 acres, 20 percent containment.


Rye Fire, east of Interstate 5 near Six Flags Magic Mountain; 7,000 acres, 25 percent containment.


Skirball Fire, along Interstate 405 near Bel Air; 475 acres, 20 percent containment.


Lilac Fire, along Interstate 15 near Bonsall, about 15 miles northeast of Oceanside; 4100 acres, no containment.â€



Calfire incident report for Lilac Fire

“Lilac Fire Incident Information:

Last Updated: December 08, 2017 8:00 am

Date/Time Started: December 07, 2017 11:15 am

Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Diego Unit

County: San Diego County

Location: Old Hwy 395 at Dulin Road, Bonsall

Acres Burned - Containment: 4,100 acres

Structures Destroyed: 65


Evacuations: Mandatory Evacuations in the area of W. Lilac Rd. & Sullivan Middle School., South of Burma Rd., East of Wilshire, North of N. River Rd., West of S. Mission Ave., South of Renche Rd., West of I-15 Freeway, East of Green Canyon Rd. & S. Mission Rd., North of Hwy 76

Evacuation Warnings are in effect: North of Pala Rd. South of Reche Rd. West of I-15 Freeway East of Green Canyon Rd. & W. Mission Rd.


Evacuation shelters have been set up: Fallbrook High School, and Pala Casino


East Valley Community Center located at 2245 E. Valley Parkway, Escondidio & Stagecoach Community Park located at 3420 Camino De Los Coches, Carlsbad â€




Thomas Fire which is the biggest SoCal fire currently

“Fire Status:


Total Acreage: 132,000

Containment: 1%

Structures Destroyed: 439

Structures Damaged: 85

Structures Threatened: 15,000

Total Personnel: 3,528 (Engines - 544, Water Tenders - 9, Helicopters - 21, Air Tankers - 7 available including the DC 10, Hand Crews: 48, Dozers - 26)†https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5670/

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There are simply not enough hugs and likes to go around on this thread.


My heart goes out to each and every CA boardie going through this tragedy right now.


The number of lives impacted by this situation is truly staggering. 


THANK YOU so much to all of the posters who are chiming in with updates and information!


  :grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:

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Another fire started near Alpine in the Cleveland National Forest.


Thankfully that Sweetwater Fire seems to be small and under control. Liberty Fire is 60% contained. So Lilac Fire is the main worry.


“Cleveland NF



#SweetwaterFire is on the eastbound side of Interstate 8 between the Sweetwater River and Hwy 79/Japatul Valley Rd. Fire is still holding at 8 acres. We are being assisted by multiple agencies including †https://mobile.twitter.com/ClevelandNF


“Murrieta Fire & Rescue is providing the following updated information to the Liberty Fire. The next media update on the Liberty Fire will at approximately 0800hrs.


o Fire is holding and currently estimated at 300 acres, 60% contained, 1 structure and 6 outbuildings have been lost.†http://www.murrietaca.gov/news/displaynews.asp?NewsID=790&TargetID=21



Also, Del Mar Fairgrounds is looking for volunteers to help with caring for the race horses that were evacuated. Unfortunately, several horses died in the fire. :(

My local news reported that 25 race horses died :( The fire was way too fast to evacuate nearly 500 horses.


Our local news (online and news channels) are having SoCal fires as headlines news as we have just gone through the horrible Napa/Sonoma fires.

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ACT exam tomorrow rescheduled for these test sites.






California, VENTURA BUENA HIGH SCHOOL 182680â€


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We've been lucky - no brush fires in our area and the wind hasn't been gusty today.  Humidity is up about 16 percent from yesterday - it was < 10% in the house last night.  

There's some fires burning down in Mexico.

Hubs just told me that the Santa Ana winds are supposed to pick back up tomorrow.  Hopefully they'll have been able to make progress containing the lilac fire before then. 


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One couple lost their homes in Santa Rosa and Ventura county to fires :(


“The Wongs only moved to Santa Rosa six months ago from Southern California. They left their house in Ventura behind, deciding to rent it rather than sell it, thinking maybe they'd return to it someday as a retirement home.


On Tuesday, that house in Ventura burned to the ground in the massive Thomas Fire.



"It was surreal, more like numb you know. Did this really happen to us?" said Pratima, through her tears. "For the second time, it's a lot harder."


To make matters worse, the Wongs learned their insurance agent gave them some bad advice and they were under-insured in both places.â€


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