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Coding for young teen

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Maybe we are late to the ball game, because my daughter is 14, but she just coded a google and loved it.  :001_smile:  Now she wants to do more coding.  I just signed her up at the free site, but I'm wondering about Tynker.  Is it worth it, being that it's not free?  It is on sale right now and I may be willing to get the year subscription, if it's really worth it.  Or maybe it's for younger kids, I'm not sure. I guess I don't know too much about what's out there and maybe there's enough available for free.  Any help would be great.  Thanks!

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You could have her do Scratch. Your library should have plenty of books on learning to code in Scratch. Or if you are talking about moving more into a coding using a programming language. Then you should be able to code with Python. Again, the library will have plenty of books on this. You can look around on Amaon


If your library has this one, it's written for more a middle school and up crowd which I think would be better than the other Scratch books that are out there.


Scratch is free.


She can explore other people's work on there.




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Thanks everyone!


Maybe try asking on the high school board, or Gen Ed? 


Hey...don't push me over to the high school board just yet!  I've got the rest of this school year before I gotta go over there.  It's going to be a rough transition when the time comes.    :crying:



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