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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Sort of boring:

Rake and blow leaves. Dec 1 was official last pick up day, but people are still amassing large piles of leaves. Some trees still have leaves on. But my iPhone weather app has a snowflake on Friday! Have to be done before then.



Prepare spice order for the Spice House. Accidentally looked at Kalustyan website. Fantasize about taking part of a day and going there.

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Good morning!  We are back from our 9 night cruise to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  Had a wonderful time and I'm ready to pack it up and move to Bonaire.  Right after I tackle Monday, LOL.  Re-entry into family/chores/homeschool/routine is always hard for me.



-DS16 off to school (clouds part, angels sing - he was actually pleasant this AM)

-laundry  DONE:  0

-figure out where we are with lessons


-workout (kickboxing)

-library (after DS13 picks topic for WTMA long essay)

-Publix for major huge grocery shop

-Whole Foods for some items

-start Whole30 in earnest after my food and drink infused vacation

-work with DS16 on his paper due Friday

-do some Whole30 menu planning

-dinner:  meatloaf

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Good morning!


Hi Pink and Green! Glad you enjoyed your trip!


We're having weird weather for December, warm and rainy. Arctic temps will hit later this week. The electricians will be here today to install new light fixtures in house and barn.



•pay the bills that have been rolling in since the 1st

•do more paperwork for group health insurance (blah)

•do some shredding and filing

•order bankers' boxes for 2017 paperwork and new filing supplies for 2018 

•clean my perpetually messy house

•laundry of course

•try to finish up my Christmas shopping

•dinner: homemade pizza 

•watch a movie with kids tonight

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Good morning! Busy day today, but no morning practice. I am glad you had a great trip, Pink and Green! My upcoming trip will not be nearly as much fun. We leave early tomorrow, so I have lots that must get done today.


To do:

Dd2 off for school

Bills/paid/ scheduled/organized

School with boys and go over plans for the week


Travel arrangements confirmed

Pick dd2 for off period

Ds3 to guitar ( needs check)

Last minute errands

Ds3 to tennis

Pick up dd2, pick up spirit gear

Late practice




Have a great day!

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The electricians are working on the main floor so I decided to tackle some much-needed cleaning upstairs. Gave our bedroom and bathroom a through cleaning and did some decluttering. Next up - going through the towering pile of books on my nightstand and then getting started on my closet.

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Got the kids out to school.


Waiting to have the house to myself so I can go do stuff outside my room without being interrogated about my work status.

Make appointments.

Finish laundry.

Some reading, exercise, house work.

Kids' homework and test study..

Kids have gymnastics tonight.


Kids to bed.


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Today hasn't been that productive, mainly because there were workers in and out of my house all day. They were working in my office for several hours, so I got nothing done in that department.


I'm in a serious rut as far as menu planning, so I resubscribed to Plated for two nights a week. They have a bigger selection now than last time we subscribed and more veggie-based meals, so I'm looking forward to that.


In the middle of making dinner now. Ds17 has a golf lesson starting soon. 



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I have done almost everything on the list today. And remembered to buy the ticket to the meet online to save a little. Probably saved one morning’s worth of parking. Sigh.


Just some driving, drop off gifts to my mom’s house, and home.


Have a great night!

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I am wiped out! So tired. Not sure why. 


Dinner is made: shepherd's pie. roasted brussels sprouts, broc and cheese sauce

Ds' stuff is ready for scouts

Dd does not have strep. Just a virus.



Vacuuming and budget will have to wait til tomorrow. I need more mental and physical energy to tackle those. I'll do something needful but less challenging tonight, like laundry. 


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