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My 12 year old wants learn about creationism vs evolution. Resources??

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Hi!  DS (almost 12) is fascinated by the whole creationism (our church teaches) vs evolution (we have always taught this at home, but we are open to learning more too) argument.  We have the book It Couldn't Just Happen.  Does anyone know of a comparable book on evolution written at an early middle school level?  Does anyone have any other ideas about resources or projects we could do surrounding this topic?  Thanks!

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We liked these lectures. They are meant for high school, but my middle schoolers were able to understand them.


This podcast episode by Phil Vischer about the origins of the universe is simple to understand.


Here is a long video by John Walton, an Old Testament scholar, about his research. I'd suggest listening instead of watching since it's a bit cheesy visually!


I like this introduction for middle school aged kids about the intersection of faith and science. (Follow the menu down the right side.)


This is slightly off topic but this sermon series has at least one sermon on the topic.


The Author of Life films are well done.


And, yes, BioLogos has loads of information, including videos!


I used this video of Bill Nye and Ken Ham touring the Ark Encounter as an example of what NOT to do. There was no true communication happening there. When talking with those we disagree with, we should listen in order to understand and not be so desperate to prove our point that we bulldoze over the other person.

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I believe one thing. Friends believe another. We enjoyed this series on the age of the earth... Not evolution focused, but age of the earth is important in evolution. And if you are Christian, it is good to see those who hold compatible views

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One of the best overviews of evolutionary theory is Carl Zimmer's Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea. The science is solid. There are examples. And it is very readable.




Just saw you were looking for an early middle school level... this one could be the right reading level or not, depending on the kid.

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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has loads of DVDs covering a wide range of topics related to evolution (including really great ones like "Your Inner Fish", which my kids loved).  Educators can order them for free. (Really free, with free shipping, even to Canada.  With no need to specify what kind of educator you are.)

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Everyone has already mentioned great resources. We are Christians who teach evolution.


I second:



-Reasons to Believe

-Howard Hughes Medical Institute DVDs (also free streaming online or YouTube - especially love the "Your Inner Fish" series by Neil Shubin)


My kids have also enjoyed "Walking with Monsters", "Walking with Dinosaurs", and "Ice World" documentaries.


As far as books go, I really like the DK ones. Specifically DK Prehistoric Life and DK Evolution. " 

"Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be" by Daniel Loxton is very good too.


Learning about the Geologic Timescale is very important. We've used various resources for that. There is a great unit for this at the Teachers Pay Teachers site. We printed off a timeline and there are little cards that coordinate with the various events. Really helpful to put things in perspective.


The Cosmos series by DeGrasse Tyson is very good but he can bend towards an anti-religious stance. Didn't seem to bother my kid though. He would have picked up on it if it was really bad.


A more advanced read but very interesting about the history of the creation/evolution debate in Christianity is "Inventing the Universe" by Alister McGrath.



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